Grow: An Environmentally Friendly Book


>grow: an environmentally friendly book by alyson beaton & kj bradley, illustrated by alyson beaton <

Grow takes a child (2 to 5 years of age) through a typical day, implementing a “normal” routine that is environmentally and socially sound. The sharply designed book helps parents teach children very early on how easy it is to take steps for a cleaner earth. The text focuses on words like “share” and “grow” to instill basic social concepts that resound in larger impacts, and the images encourage the child to actively participate in the daily routine and timeline that follows along the bottom of the pages. Grow was based on the idea that as a child’s vocabulary develops, he or she makes connections to specific items. For example, if a child associates the word “coffee” with “Starbucks” the word “Starbucks” will likely be an association for life. Grow hopes to instill brandless, positive routines that can benefit community, health, and an awareness of self that’s connected to the larger world. Published by Featherproof Books of Chicago.

Limited Edition- 700 copies- hand bound books sold out-

Shown Below: Hand Letterpressed Version








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