Alyson Beaton is a designer/artist who is constantly looking to create little buildings and small things for the love of play. She is very aware of children as her audience but creates works and designed objects that appeal to people of all ages.

She started her design career with her first commission and work installed at Neiman Marcus in Dallas for the Festa ‘d Italia. She lead a team and installed 3 exhibits in the department store under Lance Raney of Dallas, Texas. She went on to complete her MFA at the School of the art institute of Chicago. She lived, created and taught in Chicago [at SAIC and Columbia College Chicago] for 13 years. She has created several printed artists books, letterpress pieces, limited run books under her imprint Grow Books press, and launched a product line, Lille Huset in 2013, under Grow Studio LLC. When she is not creating small houses, she is working on her own home renovations. She explores living spaces in the real world with the same focus on texture, color and light as she does with her product line. She is also versed in graphic design and has done work for her own company as well as other designers and non profits. She collaborates and works with other designers, Petra Probstner, interior architect and Matthew Beaton, AIA her husband.

She currently resides in Austin, Texas and is continuing her work under Lille Huset LLC, as her creative design studio and workshop. She is most passionate about creating little houses, archetypes of buildings that she has collected in her memories over the years. Her work is always interactive and requires one to “play” and experience her pieces. Sometimes her work is geared toward children because she feels it is important to expose children to design and creative thinking through play. Her line of dollhouses are abstractions of city life all over the world. Her goal with her work is to fully engage her audience so they become lost in their own imagination through experiencing her small works. Her love of the ability of small things to transport one to another world came about in her undergraduate architecture studies.

She is always working and creating things that she loves and bring beauty to the world.