The Story Behind The Dollhouses

Faculty member Alyson Beaton, Lille Huset kickstarter project

Faculty member Alyson Beaton, Lille Huset kickstarter project

What started as an idea just grew and grew…

Alyson Beaton created her first “Lille Huset | Little House” back in 2008 when she was wanting to create a hands on play house that her kids could build and make their own with the goal of opening their minds to the possibility of design through hands on play with a classic archetype a “little house.” Along with that she wanted to create an imaginary place for kids to explore the idea of home and neighborhood, having lived in a city and seeing all of the interesting homes all around with different people living in all of them with a unique story to tell. With her appreciation for architecture and design she wanted to create a product where you as the user can make it completely unique, telling your own story. She came up with the idea and created many working prototypes over the course of three years, testing the product with kids. She developed the story around the product line when she first introduced it on Kickstarter in 2012.

Lille huset is about a little house in a little neighborhood in a big city… it is for you to take and make your own, telling the story of your own little house.

When she exceeded her funding goal, she was officially in business. This is when the really hard work began, she searched all over to find the best USA manufacturing partner and after a year of ups and downs and learning from mistakes she found the perfect fit and has worked with them ever since. She also didn’t want to simply create a product she also wrote an entire narrative around the product line that you can find here on our site. She hired illustrator, Rachel Coulter to create her very first “lille friends & pets” and has had many collaborators over the years. Her product line has inspired new games and products also celebrating her theme of little neighborhoods all over the world. She is the CEO and creative behind the company and is headquartered in a little bungalow office in East Austin.

We have been so fortunate over the years to have many nice things said about our line

“Trendiest New Toy” by Chicago Magazine 2014





Lille Huset over the years: